Fort Myers family searching for late son's pawned items

CREATED Feb. 25, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - A Fort Myers family is desperately searching for several sentimental items their son pawned shortly before he died in a car crash.

18-year-old Odin Firing was killed when his car ran off the road in August in Bartow. 

The Cypress Lake High School grad had a scholarship to attend Stetson University, but the money didn't cover all of his tuition. He pawned two guitars, a paintball gun, some music equipment and his Xbox to make up the difference.

"He just wasn't the kind of kid to suck money off of us," his mom, Linda Firing, said.

But after Odin's life was tragically taken, his family decided the items belonged back in his room.

"It won't replace him, but it helps," Firing said.

The family  told Larry's Pawn Shop in Fort Myers they wanted the items back, but they had to wait until they became legal administrators for Odin's estate.

When they went to pick up the items earlier this month, only one of them, a Gibson Les Paul guitar, was there.

"I said where's the rest of the stuff? And they said they let it out in December and it was sold," Firing said.
Fox 4 spoke on the phone with the owner of Larry's Pawn Shop and he says he thought the family only wanted the shop to hold the one guitar. He says the shop just can't afford to hang on to items for that long of a time period and wasn't sure if or when the family would be back to claim them.
Now Odin's family has made it their mission to find the other items, especially a Taylor Acoustic guitar that his parents gave him for his 18th birthday.
"We just want to buy back the guitar from whoever has it because it's really special to us and I think it would not heal us, but help us," Firing said.
Odin's family is looking for anyone who bought a Taylor Acoustic, a paintball gun, music equipment or an Xbox from Larry's Pawn Shop within the last few months. The serial number for the Taylor 110CE CTWY Dread Spruce Top guitar is 04051028. The pawn shop says you can bring the items back to the shop or you can reach out to us at 239-206-FOX4 or email us at