FOX4 Troubleshooter gets results for retirement community residents

CREATED Jan 17, 2014

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Fort Myers, Fla. -

The Four In Your Corner Troubleshooter getting results tonight. It was just 24 hours ago that we reported a problem with a Comcast Cable wire being exposed for almost a year at a retirement community in Fort Myers. And after our report, Comcast sprang into action and fixed the problem.

Culbreth: Tonight I can walk through this area without being concerned about tripping over that wire which was laying right along here. When our story aired last night someone from Comcast, obviously, was watching and here's what they saw. "See it coming out and then it goes behind here and then it goes, and then it comes out and it goes right across the sidewalk here," described Bonnie Haines, a resident of the Pine Ridge retirement community. Haines says she's sick of seeing a cable tv wire running across a sidewalk and between two buildings in her retirement community. "This has been going on for like 11 months and I've seen people trip and fall. They're just lucky nobody's gotten terribly hurt yet."

So she decided to call a FOX4 Troubleshooter to see if we could help her and her neighbors. "They have it swirled around here all the way back around there and into this one so they can get television, otherwise they wouldn't," said Haines as she continued to describe the situation.

Then about two o'clock the afternoon after our story aired the previous night, out of the blue, without even a phone call, a crew from Comcast showed up and buried it. "I'm just so thrilled to have this cable taken care of after almost a year of stumbling over it and I'm sure all my neighbors feel the same way," said Haines.

Eric Ray is the manager of the Pine Ridge Condo Association. He said a Comcast supervisor came, unannounced, to his office Thursday afternoon and said they'd have the problem fixed by 6 that evening. "After almost a year it was impressive to see how fast they could move on that but we're happy to have it done," explained Ray. (Culbreth): Don't you think it's a little bit of a shame though after 11 months of you guys calling that it takes somebody like me to get it done? "Exactly, exactly," Haines chimed in. "But you did get it done. Thank you very much. I'm thrilled to death (laughs)"

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