FGCU sees boost in number of freshman applications

CREATED Jan. 8, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - Dunk City didn't just boost school spirit, but also interest in Florida Gulf Coast University all across the country.

The number of incoming freshman applications increased almost 35% from last year. More than 10,000 hopefuls have already applied for the coming school year, making it harder than ever to get in.

"We have always been competitive here at FGCU. With our recent notoriety and reputation of our academic programs we are becoming even more competitive," President Wilson Bradshaw said.

Only around 3,000 students will get an acceptance letter this year.

"We are able to admit students that have a higher ability of academic success and that is usually forcasted by their GPAs, their rank in their graduating class, test scores," Bradshaw said.
A more competitive pool of applicants means a higher quality of education and better graduation rate. And with big companies like Hertz and the Gartner Group expanding, hopefully better job opportunities.
"The placement of the university, the placement of the international airport makes this a very logical place for further commercial development," Roger Strelow, the Community Planning Director for the Estero Council of Community Leaders said.
With acres of commercial land available and hopes of a hospital coming to Estero, the Estero Council of Community Leaders thinks more new grads will help boost the local economy.
"We want to make our own community as well as the county in general attractive economically for young graduates from FGCU or from elsewhere," Strelow said.
FGCU plans to grow to about 22,000 students within the next ten years.