East coast flights to and from Southwest Florida, forget about it

CREATED Feb. 13, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - A major winter storm that rolled through the South is now rolling up the Eastern seaboard bringing air travel to a halt.  Dozens of flights in and out of Southwest Florida International Airport have been cancelled.

Atlanta is still reeling from the storm that hit that area Wednesday.  Now the storm is impacting Washington, DC, Philaelphia, New York City and Boston.

The storm has dumped nearly a foot of snow in Washington as it marched Northeast and threatened more power outages, traffic headaches and widespread closures for millions of residents.
Some streets are nearly deserted Thursday during the normally frantic Washington commute. Many are heeding warnings to stay off the roads, as Southerners did a day earlier. Cars are capped in white, with more snow falling. Federal offices and the city's two main airports are closed.
For the Mid-Atlantic states and Northeast, the heavy weather is the latest in an unending drumbeat of storms that have depleted salt supplies and caused schools to run out of snow days.
Though the worst of the storm has largely passed for most in the South, some snow and ice continue to create issues. Hundreds of thousands are still without power.