Dogs shot while attacking horses in Golden Gate Estates

CREATED Jan 17, 2014

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GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla. - An off duty Collier County community service deputy shot and killed three dogs that were attacking two horses in Golden Gate Estates early Wednesday morning.

The sound of the horses under attack woke Stephen Leoni at 5:45 a.m.  He went to his neighbors home in the 400 block of 22nd Ave. NW with a handgun and a flashlight but failed to see anything.

Leoni returned to his home, dressed and grabbed his rifle and returned to the horse paddock where he saw three pit bulls attacking two horses belonging to Manny Ortega.  Two pit bulls were chasing and biting one worse while the other pit bull was biting a horse in the neck.

Leoni shot one dog with his rifle and shot another with his pistol.  He finally shot the third dog, not once, but twice, to stop it from biting the one horse in the neck.

All three pitbulls were killed.  The owner of the dogs Marisel Perez, who lived in the neighborhood, was notified by law enforcement about the attacks.

"I was horrified thinking it could happen to one of ours, it's awful." Neighbor Linda Thomas said.

" The unfortunate thing about this event is it could've been prevented it's as simple as keeping your dog on a leash maintaining supervision over your pets." Daniel Christenbury with Collier County Domestic Animal Services said.