Dog rescue in Port Charlotte

CREATED Feb. 25, 2014

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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - Charlotte County emergency workers reunited a wayward golden retriever with its owner late Sunday night.

Bo got stuck in a drainage pipe filled with water.  EMS went all out to rescue the dog.  You could see evidence of their efforts in a front yard.  Several holes show where workers dug to rescue Bo.

The rescue effort lasted three hours.  Martin Van Holden says he's had the dog a short time, "We've had him for 3 months. He's a sweetheart."

Van Holden says Bo took off after a critter.  He was reluctant to call 911 but knew he had to do something.

Charlotte County Deputy Fire Chief Jason Fair says, "He got stuck somehow around here, actually right there.. because we heard the legs paddling, and we couldn't get him to move."

Charlotte EMS called in a specialized team, using 10 rescuers in all to rescue Bo.

Van Holder says he will work with his neighbor to put some kind of barrier over the drain so it doesn't happen again.