State admits 41,000 Floridians still aren't getting benefits they're owed

4 In Your Corner Investigation reveals ongoing tie-ups with unemployment checks

CREATED Feb 6, 2014

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FLORIDA -- Fox 4 is still asking for evidence of the help that was promised to you by the state on January 18th.

Thousands of unemployed Floridians are due benefits that have been on hold because of problems with the state's new $63 million unemployment website.  

Jessica Sims, press secretary for the state Department of Economic Opportunity, told Fox 4 that all the claimants who were to receive payment after the January 18th announcement, have been paid. 

She said payment was promised to claimants who had continued claims on hold for more than seven days.  

She says it was determined that 11,000 people fell into this category and it was further determined that of those, 4,900 were eligible.  

Those individuals were paid last week, Sims said. 

Still, 41,000 others have claims on hold that have yet to be paid.

Claims are placed on hold, or adjudication, when they've been flagged to determine eligibility.

"We are working down the active caseload and the system is improving every day," Sims said. 

Sims did not have an estimate when the remaining 41,000 individuals will get paid.