Consumers beware, Target breach may be just the tip of the iceberg

CREATED Jan 17, 2014

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If you think you're safe from the Target data breach affecting that is affecting millions, think again.
The Department of Homeland Security is warning retailers and consumers that number could soon double. 
Up to 110 million Target customers' personal information may have already been compromised.
We're now learning that staggering number is likely the tip of the iceberg and it could be a very large iceberg. 
The Department of Homeland Security this week warned retailers nationwide to be on high alert as they investigate what is expected to be the largest hack against retailers.
"When we have seen these types of attacks before and they create their tools, they don't just go after one or two companies, they say how many companies are susceptible to this, and lets go after all of them," said John Watters with iSight.
His company is helping federal investigators analyze the sophisticated, malicious software that has infected credit card scanners.
"What makes this unique is very well executed and orchestrated, get on a point-of-sale system, get access to a credit card information before it is encrypted, get that information out of your environment without being detected," Watters said.
Part of the code was written in Russian suggesting whoever wrote it speaks the language.  
Cyber security consultant David Kennedy says it has all the signs of the Russian Mob.
"Russia's organized crime is the largest in the Eastern European areas," Kennedy said. "It's the largest market they have they because they have a lot of the advance technology, they have a lot of extremely intelligent people working in the Black Market.  It's a very profitable area for them." 
Target this week sent an email to those who may be affected offering a free year of credit monitoring. 
Last week we learned another retail giant, Neiman Marcus, had a similar data breach around the same time.

It isn't yet known if the two are connected.