Congressmen speak to FOX 4 about Radel's return

CREATED Jan. 8, 2014

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WASHINGTON D.C. - FOX 4 is reaching out to more members of the House of Representatives to find out how they feel about Representative Radel returning to Congress after his drug bust.

Two Democratic congressman from Texas tell FOX 4 it's between Radel, his family and the voters.

A top political writer in Washington, Cameron Joseph with The Hill newspaper, tells FOX 4 Radel isn't the first lawmaker to be embroiled in scandal in D.C.

What makes his case unique is that it involves a conviction for hard drugs would could alienate conservative voters in the GOP leaning 19th congressional district.

Joseph suggests that's why Radel may be emphasizing that he suffers from alcoholism and has only mentioned the word "cocaine" once in public - during a court appearance when confronted by a judge.

Joseph suggests voters - especially older ones - in Lee and Collier counties may be more "comfortable" with the idea of an alcohol problem since cocaine may seem more "foreign" and sinister.