Con artists using Sgt. Michael Wilson's name

CREATED Feb. 25, 2014

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Scammers are using a memorial fund for a fallen deputy, Sergeant Michael Wilson, to con you into handing over money for a trust fund... that doesn't exist! They're saying they're raising money for the Sgt. Michael Wilson Memorial Trust Fund and they're not.
The Charlotte Co. Sheriff's Office is saying the latest scam has someone going door to door in Port Charlotte essentially asking for donations. Four In Your Corner's Dave Culbreth joins us now to tell us what this is all about. 

Not only are they saying someone is using Sgt. Wilson's trust fund as the lure to do this, but they say whoever is doing it is also using those little envelopes that are meant to collect the sunday offering from a local church to do it! 

"Everyone is upset about it," said Debbie Bowe, the Charlotte Co. Sheriff's Office spokeswoman. "This is really sad that someone has to stoop this low to try to get money. To invoke the name of Sgt. Wilson who died in the line of duty. It's a sad situation that people would do such a thing. 

It was last August 5th when Sgt. Wilson was shot and killed while responding to a call to help a woman who was afraid of her husband. Now someone is putting these envelopes on the front doors of houses in Port Charlotte. 
"Someone had taken the envelopes and written on it as if it were a solicitation for donations to the Michael Wilson Memorial Trust Fund," said Bowe.  

It's been done in a small area on Midway Boulevard, west of Highway 41, between it and Lakeview Boulevard. "The envelopes themselves have the churches name and address on the front because it's their offering envelope so people were returning the envelopes to them and they didn't know what it was about so they called us," added Bowe.

The envelopes were stolen recently from the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church which is on Tamiami Trail, right around the corner from that neighborhood. "It would be nice if we could find out who had actually done it," Bowe said.  

Sgt. Wilson was a longtime veteran of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office and now they want help from people in the community he patroled to find who's doing this. "If someone has actually put money in it we'd like to hear about it," Bowe explained. "If someone knows who dropped off the envelopes we certainly want to know who did that".

If you know anything about this whether you've seen something suspicious or have heard about it, call the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office at (941) 258-3900.