Fox 4 finds out who should call to have a voice on Congress now that Trey Radel is gone

Lee sheriff, Radel supporters & Lee commissioners also weigh in on resignation

CREATED Jan. 27, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Even though Congressman Trey Radel won't be representing Southwest Florida anymore, the U.S. House of Representatives assures constituents in all of Lee county and coastal (western) Collier county that they won't be forgotten.

A spokesperson for the Clerk of the House tells Fox 4 that the clerk will now be managing Radel's offices in Washington and Cape Coral. 

The spokespeson says any current staff members from Radel's office are welcome to stay and work under the supervision of the clerk to help things run smoothly.

We're told there will be a full staff at the local  office just like before to answer calls and respond to questions.

But while the staff members' jobs are safe for now, it will be up to the new congressional represenative - when he or she is elected - to either keep the current staff members or hire a new ones.

Meanwhile, one of the most outspoken politicians to call for Radel to step down after news of the scandal broke, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, has issued a statement.

In the statement, he says, "As I have said from the onset of this situation, I support Trey Radel personally and wish the best for him and his family."

"I believe that his decision to resign is the right thing to do, and I look forward to better days for Congressional District 19."

Fox 4 also reached out to some of Congressman Radel's most vocal supporters' for their take on Radel's decision to step aside.

"I'm just disappointed," said Dan Ashby who worked with Radel on the U.S. Forces Fund.

"I'm sure he's doing it for a good reason. For his family and for whatever else it is. There was a lot of people behind him wanting him to stay. He had done a good job. We're losing a good legislator for us."

Ashby is a veterans advocate and is one of the few local public figures who voiced consistent support for Radel to stay on the job.

Another prominent politician who stood behind Radel is former Cape Coral councilmember Bill Diele.

Lee County Commissioners also offered their opinions on Radel's resignation.

All of them expressed their sympathies towards Radel and wishes that the Congressman continues to recover and rebuild his family.

Both Chair Larry Kiker and Commissioner Frank Mann spoke specifically about the future of District 19 and a special election.

"Hopefully he's keeping into consideration all the people in Lee County and all the people he represents," Kiker said.

"Democracy is not inexpensive and I think a special election is important because we can't afford to have a vacant Congressional seat," Mann said.