Clawson debuts pricey Suberbowl political ad

CREATED Feb. 3, 2014

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BONITA BEACH, Fla. - You might not have ever heard of old college basketball star Curt Clawson and his congressional aspirations before the debut of his political ad during Superbowl 48.

And the 30-second spot doesn't tell you much more about him other than he can still sink a 3-pointer. 

That's OK, says the Clawson campaign, as long as his pricey promotion at least makes you "curt curious."

“I want to take on Obama in congress, so why not start in the court," asks Clawson in the ad, with a bounce of the basketball.

And if you watched the Superbowl, you likely heard him.
The former Purdue basketball player and retired auto industry exec is challenging the president both athletically and politically... all on a night when half the TVs in Southwest Florida are tuned in. 

Liza: “It's not just a metaphor.  You're seriously challenging the president?”

Clawson: “I think the president loves ball. I'm a baller; ballers understand each other. It's nothing personal. We like to match up on the court, and see who's got what."

Clawson hosted a Superbowl party at Doc's Beach House on Bonita Beach Sunday night for the debut of his political ad and the official announcement of his candidacy for the now empty district 19 congressional seat. 

“It's an exciting day because we have a great group of people here, and we're having a lot of fun.  There's lot of people interested in the outsider message,” says Clawson.

A Washington outsider and, we’re told, self-funded... well enough to pay the expected six digit cost for TV ads this night.

Liza: “What are some of the biggest issues you see facing the area?

 Clawson: "First of all being the outsider, secondly standing up to special interests and lobbyists is a very important message."

Clawson's commercial may be long on bravado.

“I hope he'll [the president] have a look at the video, man up a little bit, send me an invitation and settle it on the court,” he adds.

Clawson's banking it will at least net your interest. “We hope we get your attention and will therefore be listening as we roll out our message of independent outsiders.”

The campaign says it will be releasing a more detailed platform in about 10 days. 

 Although Clawson admits the president may have an age advantage, he does have the height. Claswson tells me he is 6’5”. The president is 6’1”.