Charlotte County fraud warning

CREATED Feb. 25, 2014

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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - Envelopes purporting to be collecting money for the Sgt. Michael Wilson Memorial Fund started turning up in a Port Charlotte neighborhood.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office met with officials from Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Port Charlotte after some of their printed offering collection envelopes went missing.  Many of them apparently have been left at mailboxes in the area, primarily along Midway Boulevard in the area of Lakeview Boulevard.

A handwritten note at the top of the envelopes seemed to indicate they were meant to collect funds for the Sgt. Michael Wilson Memorial Trust Fund.  While there is a trust set up in Sgt. Wilson’s name, neither the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church nor the Wilson family authorized any such collection of funds in this manner.

Anyone who has received such an envelope is warned against putting money in it.  Simply throw the envelope away.
However, anyone who saw the person who distributed the envelopes or who might have information concerning that person’s identity is asked to please call the Sheriff’s Office at (941) 639-2101.