Charlotte Co. EMS says it has enough resources to respond to mud park

CREATED Feb. 10, 2014

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - The five year anniversary party at the Redneck Yacht Club this weekend ended with flashing lights and a heavy police presence.

A woman was airlifted to the hospital after being stabbed and someone was run over by a truck.

Charlotte County Fire and EMS has responded to the park 60 times in 2013 and 263 times in the five years it's been open.

"The Redneck Yacht Club employs medical personnel and we provide for a fee an additional rescue that's not part of our front line fleet," Charlotte County Fire and EMS Interim Chief Marianne Taylor said.

But when there's more than one injury at the park at the same time, like this weekend, EMS has to dispatch additional help.

"For any taxpayer who may be under the impression that because you're assisting these private businesses, you can't assist them, what would you say to them?" Fox 4 asked.

"I would like to say do not fear, we are very concerned with the safety of our county and citizens of our county and we have all of the resources in place," Taylor said.

Taylor says responding to the Redneck Yacht Club doesn't have an affect on the department's staffing.

"It's no different that the regular volume of calls we usually get. We are constantly shifting ambulances around to cover areas for our call volume," Taylor said.

Taylor also says they can even offer off-duty and on-duty services to any other businesses or tourist attractions in the area, like the Florida Tracks and Trail adventure park set to open in Punta Gorda.

"We welcome more business in Charlotte County and we work well with new businesses .to ensure they have in place safety measures," Taylor aid.