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Car vs. bus in Cape Coral

CREATED Feb. 26, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A crash involving a car and a charter school bus sent two people to the hospital.

The driver of the car was transported to an area hospital as a precaution.  One of the children on the school bus with a minor injury.  The students attend Cape Coral Charter School.

The crash happened at NW 15th Terrance and Chiquita Boulevard.  Lanes of northbound Chiquita are blocked at this time.

Cape Coral firefighters on the scene say fog was a contributing factor to the crash.

Cape Coral Police and firefighters remind drivers that in many newer vehicles, the headlights come on automatically when it is dark, they do not activate in foggy conditions in daylight hours. Remember to always check and manually turn on your headlights in fog conditions.

Always use you low beams. High beams will only be reflected back off the fog and actually impair visibility even more. Your lights help other drivers see your vehicle, so be sure they all work. Keep your windshield and headlights clean, to reduce the glare and increase visibility.

The crash remains under investigation with Cape Coral police.