Cape neighborhood torn up by utilites project

CREATED Jan 29, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - One Cape Coral neighborhood is dealing with a construction disruption. Those living in the Trafalgar corridor say the city's utilities expansion project is creating havoc in their neighborhood.

Although extending water and sewer service there is a massive project, one man with multiple sclerosis fears just getting out of his driveway could also become quite the feat.

"There's trucks coming this way and trucks going that way," neighbor Jacob Bisch says.  "Last Thursday my mailbox was knocked down by a school bus trying to turn around."  He lives in the neighborhood of Southwest 16th Terrace and 10th Street. He says this is the first time he's gone without mail in the 11 years he's lived here.

John Ramsey's only been here a year and says, "They don't keep up with the road, the dust, then mail can't come through. It's just a headache."

But for Joe Mondello, it could potentially mean life and death. He's got multiple sclerosis and has frequent doctor appointments.

"There's no guarantee we're going to be able to get out that day. There's no communication," says Mondello.

So 4 In Your Corner went to the city of Cape Coral, calling the mayor, but we haven't heard back.

District 3 council member Lenny Nesta represents the neighborhood and sympathizes with what people are going through.

"The UEP is a construction site. I dealt with it when it came through my area," Nesta tells us.

We told him about the Mondello family's concerns.

"They can email the director that's in charge of that project and he'll make arrangement because we've had that issue before. The contractors are notified that area needs to be accessible as soon as possible," says Nesta.

Nesta warns once the pipes are being laid in the ground, nothing can be done. But if the crew has enough warning adjustments can be made.
Work should be done in that area by the end of March, according to the project website.
The council member encourages residents to check that out, or or to call and email him, along with the city's action center.

Project Website:

Council member Nesta's email:

Council member Nesta's phone: (239) 574-0437

Citizen's Action Center: (239) 574-0425