Cape gun-rights fight now focused on Tallahassee

CREATED Feb. 10, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Gun-rights supporters in Southwest Florida's largest city are retooling their strategy after a stinging defeat.

Last week, Cape Coral council members shot down a resolution in support of the second amendment right to bear arms... for a second time.

Members of the Southwest Florida Citizens' Alliance are fired up and have spent the week planning their next move.

One of the group's most active residents, Matt Worley, put out a call on his internet radio show -- Paul Revere Radio. The group now turning its sights on Tallahassee.

"The state house has put out a bill thanks to Dane Eagle sponsoring it. I'm asking every single one of you to join forces with the Citizens' Alliance of Southwest Florida, and we'll push that through," urged Worley over the internet.

State Representative Dane Eagle from Cape Coral: "This bill does not stop the federal government from doing anything. All it says, the state will not participate in enforcing their laws when it comes to federal gun laws. We can continue to enforce our own here in the state, but we won't participate in the federal gun laws. "

Eagle's so-called Second Amendment Preservation bill has 10 sponsors, and he says many of his
colleagues are on board.

But the state senate bill still has no sponsor. And with a February 28th deadline for consideration looming, that's where the group is concentrating its efforts.  

Once the bill gets the proper push in the senate, Worley says, the group will then turn to finding Cape Coral city council candidates to replace those who voted no."

State Senator Greg Evers from the panhandle drafted the senate bill but will not be sponsoring it. His office tells 4 In Your Corner it's available for the taking by any senator who wants to take it on.