Cape coral girl writes book to help brother battling incurable disease

CREATED Feb. 17, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - With the flip of a page, nine-year-old Makenzie Lawrey is helping her little brother.

"He's my superhero," Makenzie said.

She wrote and published a book called The Mighty Mito Superhero to help raise money for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. 

Her six-year-old brother, Gavin, is battling the incurable disease, also known as Mito. He suffers from seizures and constant pain and fatigue.

"Gavin's entire body needs to rest often if he runs and plays too long," Makenzie said.

But in her book, Gavin is transformed into superhero Mito Action G who defeats an evil villain with his trusty service dog sidekick, Hershey.

"I love my little brother, Gavin, because he is so brave," Makenzie said.
Makenzie always kept a journal about her brother, but when she realized she didn't know enough about his disease, she wanted to do more to help herself and others understand.
"She said I want to write a book for children and families who are going through what we are going through," mom Brandi Lawrey said.
Makenzie also vowed to raise $1 million to help find a cure for Mito.
"Mommy said a million dollars?" Brandi Lawrey said. "That's a lot of money, at first."
"And she said how about $10,000 and I said no, a million," Makenzie said.
Makenzie has already raised more than $25,000 and the book has cracked the top 100 bestsellers list on Amazon.
"It feels really good because I know it's going to a good cause," Makenzie said.
"I felt really happy for my sister," Gavin Lawrey said.
You can log onto the website Makenzie made for Gavin HERE. 
To follow Gavin's journey, log onto his Facebook page