Warning for fisherman after dramatic Cape Coral bird rescue

CREATED Jan. 26, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A double crested cormorant was tangled in fishing line and hanging from a tree above a Cape Coral canal along SE 13th Avenue Sunday.

"It's flopping around and spinning and then it's dormant, almost looks dead, but I think it's still alive. It's just very week," Fred Towne said.

Towne spotted the bird while fishing Sunday morning and called for help.

"We believe he possibly caught something in the water and then had a long line attached to it then flew into a tree and got it caught," Ruth Parks, a volunteer with the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, or C.R.O.W, said.

The fishing line was tangled around the bird's neck and feet. Parks worked with the Cape Coral Fire Department to come up with a plan to get the bird down. They decided to call LCEC for help.

"I am so glad and especially on a Sunday that everyone is willing to help, it's a great feeling to know that," Parks said.

LCEC brought a bucket truck and was able to send an employee up in the bucket to rescue the bird. He wrapped the bird in a blanket and snipped the fishing line.

Parks was able to cut away the fishing line wrapped around the birds feet before taking him to C.R.O.W's clinic on Sanibel.

She says this is a very valuable lesson for local fisherman.

"If you cut off a bird that's stuck on your fishing line and you leave a really long line attached to it instead of pulling the bird in and trying to get help immediately, then you're going to see things like this," Parks said.

Towne said he was glad help was able to arrive in time to safe the bird.

"It's my good deed for the day," Towne said.