Former Medstar pilot files whistleblower grievance

CREATED Feb 28, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 28, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - Tonight an update on the helicopter ambulance called Medstar. It was grounded about year and a half ago amid controversy. Now, one of it's former pilots and EMT's has filed a grievance as a "whistleblower."

Medstar was a helicopter ambulance, where the pilots were also EMT's- Emergency Medical Technicians. It flew critically injured or critically ill patients to Lee Memorial Hospital for treatment and sometimes even took patients to Tampa for treatment.

After it was grounded in August of 2012, Medstar's employees were interviewed by auditors. Essentially they found the entire EMS program needed to be over hauled because it didn't have the required FAA certification. The audit also found patients were over billed by nearly a half a million dollars.

When it was grounded, three of it's pilots/EMT's lost their jobs. One of those is Arnold MacAllister who has now filed a grievance with the federal government.

"I filed a complaint under the Whistleblower Protection Act whereby if pilots or other people in safety sensitive jobs report violations and then are later retaliated against by their employer, fired, terminated, put on administrative leave, I mean there's lots of different forms of violations," MacAllister said. "Now it's at the Administrative Review Board in Washington, DC."

MacAllister said he doesn't not know when the appeal will actually be heard. He is currently flying and working in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.