Was teacher in sex-with-his-student controversy qualified to teach?

CREATED Feb 26, 2014

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ESTERO, Fla. -

Tonight, we're getting our first look at a letter detailing sex between a former Lee County high school teacher and his 17-year-old student. The teacher had just started at Estero High School and was still on probation when he was fired. But tonight we're learning he may not have even been qualified to be in the classroom.

In a letter from another student to the district, it says the girl wanted to marry her teacher and says how "perfect" he is. That teacher has since lost his job and is still being investigated by the Lee County Sheriff's Office. We've done some digging and have found that not only is the teacher accused of the sex issue, but was he even qualified to be teaching the subjects in the first place?

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating allegations that Domenic Frank, 24, had sex with one of his 17 year old students. Wednesday the school district released a letter it got from another student who wrote about the girl at the center of this. It said in part; "....the spanish teacher, Mr. Frank, called her really late at night and asked her if she was still awake. She said 'yes', and he told her that he'd pick her up." It said he did and that, "....when she got to his house she was laying on his bed and he took all of his clothes off, he put 'romantic' music on and layed down next to her. She says they did some oral stuff and then they had sex. She spent the rest of the night at his house and he brought her home at 6:00 a.m. before her parents woke up."

The letter goes on to say, "...she was going to his house again this Saturday, when her parents went to sleep".

Frank was in his first year of teaching Spanish and French. But was he qualified? Frank has a Bachelors degree in Spanish from Coastal Carolina University and even took some French courses. He passed the states exam to certify him to teach Spanish. However, he was supposed to take and pass the one for French back in August but he failed it. Frank was also supposed to apply for a certification in Florida by August of last year and didn't apply.

Teachers can teach courses which are out of their field of expertise but must pass the state's certification exam in the subject they are teaching. The question we've asked people at the Lee County School District is why was he still teaching French after failing the exam and after the deadline passed? But we haven't gotten any answers.

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