Rolling Stone magazine to sue local business

CREATED Feb 19, 2014

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LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - A business in Lehigh Acres has been told to change it's name or shut down for good! The owner used his whole life savings to open the business, but now a famous magazine is telling him to change the name or else! Four In Your Corner Investigator Dave Culbreth looked into whether this ultimatum is really set in stone.

The Rolling Stone magazine has told a local restaurant/bar change your name or close down by 5 o'clock Friday afternoon. The place is using the name "Rolling Stone" and the magazine says the restaurant's name is going to cause quote- "irreparable harm to the magazine".

"If I've caused damage to their brand that can't be undone then I apologize," says Bruce Keisling, the owner of the Rolling Stone Libation Co. "I'm sorry. But, I can't see it. It's about as far of a reach as you can make and really it's kind of absurd".

The magazine has notified Keisling that if he doesn't change his name by Friday, it will sue him. "This is one persons dream," said Keisling. "It's a name that I chose because, 'A rolling stone gathers no moss'," he explained. "Honestly, for me it's almost an insult for them to tell me that I took their name".

In the suit the magazine says the logos look the same and that "it has suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm". "We opened up in August in kind of a depressed community as far as been hit by foreclosures and a lot of people out here aren't working so it's a tough time to open a restaurant," Keisling said.

He also says he's going to fight back.......somehow. "I don't really have a choice honestly. I don't have the means to change my signage, my logo, everything with the state that would involve that, tee-shirts, menus, business cards, at this point," he added.

We asked a patron who was having dinner Wednesday night; (Culbreth): When you came in here and saw the name of the business did you think about the magazine? "No. Not at all," said Jon Alexander. (Culbreth): Did it occur to you? "No. Not really. I thought more of the band than I did the magazine".

Finally, we asked Keisling, tongue in cheek; (Culbreth): You don't think you're going to put them out of business? "Do I hope or do I think?" (laughter)  (Culbreth): Do you think that you're going to put the Rolling Stone magazine out of business down here? "I think they're doing fine with that on their own".

In all fairness to the magazine, we did not learn of this until after five o'clock this afternoon, so we haven't had a chance to hear back from it. I will continue to push for answers and let you know what I find.

What do you think about the magazine coming after this restaurant? Should it have to change its name? Call us with your thoughts at (239) 206-FOX4 or email us at;