Another worker says he's owed a paycheck from 'The Cabinet Shop'

Landlord: owner packed up and left without paying last month's rent

CREATED Jun 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 13, 2012

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Ft. Myers, Fla. - A second worker has stepped forward from 'The Cabinet Shop' in Ft. Myers saying he is also waiting on a paycheck, following a story Fox 4 first ran last week with a man saying he was told not to come back to work but never received his paycheck.

The second worker worked for the shop for four weeks and was never paid. According to the building's landlord, the owner of the shop left sometime last week without paying his rent.
"Since last week, I haven't heard anything from the Cabinet Shop at all," former Cabinet Shop worker James Johnson, 31, said.
Johnson has been driving by the shop on Metro Parkway for a couple days, and says the storefront appears to be changing.
"It looks like during the middle of the night they were tying to move some of their stuff out there," he said. "Disappear into the night. Like cockaroaches."
Johnson has filed complaints with the FL Attorney General and the U.S. Dept. of Labor, which is now investigating. 
The owner of the building the Cabinet Shop was operating in says the Cabinet Shop owner told him he was heading North and the cell phone number the building's owner had for the guy, turned out to be a wrong number.
"You just have to be careful with these companies out there," Johnson said. "Some try to help, others try to take advantage."
The building's owner plans to see what meausres he can take against the Cabinet Shop's owner in their lease. He also worries there are people out there who are owed product. He says he'll be getting into the building soon to see if anything's left. 
The building's owner is George Ebel and his email address is
If you need to file complaints against this or any other company over a wage dispute, contact the Wage and Hour Division at their Tampa office at 813-288-1242.
Those who have questions can call the Wage and Hour Division’s toll free helpline at1-866-487-9243. 
Colleen Hogan, reporter