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Anne Violette Book Signing...Menare like Wine...Intoxicating Humour!

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Book Description Publication Date: August 16, 2012 Intoxicating Humor! Sip, don't guzzle this deliciously entertaining comparison between the personalities of men to the characteristics of 21 of the world's most loved varieties of wines. Author Anne Violette brings out the best qualities of each by offering a lighthearted anecdote to let you know which ones to keep, drink right away or lock in the wine cellar until they fully mature. Browse the "Menu" and find well-known icons come to life! Ladies, what type of wine is your guy? Men, what type of wine do you resemble? - Pinot Noir: "The Bad Boy" - Merlot: "The Nice Guy" - Champagne: "The Charmer" - Shiraz: "The Fling" - Chardonnay: "The Friend With Benefits" - Port Wine: "The Sugar Daddy" - Cabernet: "Mr. Right" - plus the Musician, the Player, the Networker, the Workaholic and many more! Just like a well crafted bottle of vino, this book has been 4 years in the making. Whether you prefer sugary, dry, sweet, refreshing, mature, rich, rare, or something from the top shelf, you're sure to find a lot of laughs in this tasty wine lover's delight! Biography Anne Violette was born in Presque Isle, Maine, where she nurtured her imagination in a small town environment. Her father was a hard-working truck driver with an impeccable 35 year safe driving record and her mother worked in many roles to encourage both Anne and her sister Lisa to pursue their dreams. This supportive family atmosphere led to many great endeavors for Anne; first by winning her first writing award with the Young Author's Institute as a child, followed by graduating college at the age of 19 and then by landing a job as an ad agency account exec in the Bangor, ME area for 6 years. At the age of 25, she followed her heart by embarking upon the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. These pursuits included ownership of a publishing company and professional photography business for 11 years, upon which Anne photographed over 250 weddings. She then sold the business and moved to Delray Beach, Florida, where she became one of the top three regional sellers of a well-known jewelry store franchise. Throughout these achievements, Anne often wrote business editorials and advertising copy, both as a hobby and to support her special interests with a sideline income. By 2008, her part-time passion took on a life of its own. She founded and has since been writing full-time, working for clients in 19 countries around the globe. Anne has written 15 books as a ghostwriter and currently has one self-published title as an author, adding diversity to her creative nature. She is also a mother of three busy toddler boys who enjoy climbing, dancing and drawing (mostly on the walls). Although this makes for a hectic lifestyle, Anne has her sights on achieving many more goals on the horizon. Yummies and Wine....Special Petunias of Naples Coupon with every Book Purchased!!!

Occurs once: Oct 26, 2013 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM)
Contact Name: Taylor
Contact Phone: 239-403-3550

Petunias of Naples
852 5th Ave South, Naples, FL 34102

Ticket Price: Free
Ticketing Phone: 239-403-3550
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