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Summer Solstice Gathering

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Feathered Spirits Tribe of Women Presents Begins at 12:00 pm Stand In Your Solar Goddess Radiant Energy Won't you join me and 2 other ladies in this Summer Solstice Gathering which will be held at Days Inn Springs Resort located at 18051 S Tamiami Trail Ft Myers, FL 33908. This is right behind the Days Inn located just before Constitution Blvd where the "arch" is. The springs are fed into two pools and have many therapeutic properties known for their "Healing & Restorative" powers which individuals come and soak in from all over the world and stay at the hotel for up to a month. You will have access to the indoor sauna and the regular pool. The fee for the event is $30.00 (This price does not include lunch; but includes all of the activities for the day. A restaurant is located on the premises which we will break for during the day). Gathering & Ceremony Information Begins at 12:00 pm Stand In Your Solar Goddess Radiant Energy; connect to your solar sun sign. In Shamanic Astrology stated by Caylein Castele; your sun sign is "what fuels you". It is the "juice" you need to get you to your "life's destination". Each of these "archetypes" have their own unique qualities. The Summer Solstice is the "height" of the sun and also the "height" of your "spiritual seed crop". What is growing in your crop? What is at its peak? Dolores will lead the gathering and ceremony and help you to connect to your solar sign. Interaction with the "archetypes" of each of the solar signs, journaling and conscious dance movement all while using muscial instruments and moving to Layne Redmonds "Invoking the Muse"; just as our Goddess Ancestors used for their gatherings. We will then eat lunch around 1:30 (restaurant located onsite and lunch is not included in this 30.00 price). 2:30 pm on We then have the opportunity of Deborah Silvernail who will give each lady a Zyto Scan Health Evaluation. "The Zyto Scan Health Evaluation is a 5 minute process to find out what doTerra Wellness Oils your body needs to help the healing process of your body. Heal your body the way Mother Nature Intended We then have the same opportunity with Sandy Giles who will give each lady a Sunsational Card Readings to continue your growth and connection to your "life's destination". After the lunch and while you are waiting to either have a Zyto Scan or a Sunsational Reading; you can soak your body in the springs water while listening to a special cd created by NASA and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson called "Music of the Spheres" which captures the sounds of the planets "Primordial Sounds.” Primordial sounds are human body sounds and nature sounds formatted in special ways to cause a deep response in the subconscious mind. Are you ready to embody your Sunsational Self? RSVP to Amanda Berry / Marketing Director Days Inn Springs Resort 18051 S Tamiami Trail Ft Myers, FL 33908 (239) 267-7900 **Just let her know you are signing up for the Summer Solstice Gathering with Dolores J Gozzi Further questions can be directed to me at 239-826-6960 or

Occurs once: Jun 21, 2013 (12:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
Contact Name: Amanda Berry
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 239-247-0661

The Springs at Days Inn
18051 S Tamiami Trail , Fort Myers , FL 33908

Ticket Price: $30 Per Person
Ticketing Phone: 239-267-7900
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