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Michelle Cunningham

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Michelle Cunningham
FOX 4 Weekend Meteorologist

About Michelle

Thanks for clicking on the page to find out more about me! I grew up on the East coast of Florida, in Coral Springs. After attending the University of Florida (Go Gators!,) I pursued my dream of being a meteorologist. I lived in Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina broadcasting the news and weather. I worked here in Southwest Florida across town doing the morning show for years.

I have extensive tropical forecasting experience forecasting hurricanes in both South Carolina and Florida. I was pregnant with my daughter, Madison, while forecasting Hurricane Charley (with Jim Syoen!) Madison was born as Hurricane Jeanne was making landfall in Florida.

I have continued to do freelance work and hold the seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society.

I had been active in the construction industry and have been working in the impact-resistant window and door replacement, and remodeling industry. Helping people understand the weather and how to protect your home from the elements is a job that brings me tremendous satisfaction!

My love of weather has rubbed off on my two kids. Instead of yelling, “Look mom, a plane” my son Ryan yells, “Look mom, contrail!”  They often warn people, “look, building cumulonimbus clouds, it’s gonna storm” and remind people that, “You should bring a jacket, my mom knows, she’s a meteorologist.”

I love to shop, crossfit, boat, practice handstands and cartwheels with my kids (the neighbors crack up!) and just have fun in everything I do. I am looking forward to joining the FOX4 Weather team and plan to lend a hand, whenever they need me!

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Cape Coral, FL

SSW at 5 mph

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