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Patrick Nolan

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Patrick Nolan anchors Fox 4 News at 6, 10 & 11pm with Emily Dishnow

About Patrick

Thanks for clicking to find out more about me.  If you're on this page by mistake, keep reading. I may've posted tonight's winning lottery numbers at the end of this - or not.

I'm a native Floridian - born and raised in Miami (in a house with no air conditioning.)  Between my dad's job as a construction worker and the hot house, my parents decided to spend Florida's muggiest months somewhere else.  So each summer, we packed up our pick-up truck (which didn't have an A/C either) and headed to a major construction project up north.  We lived out of a tent in campgrounds all over the country. That's how I first began to learn everyone and every place has a story. (I also learned my five older brothers and sisters were adept fighters in the back of that camper - but that's a whole other story.)

After graduating from University of Florida, I went to Australia for a year of graduate school thanks to a Rotary International scholarship.  Before joining Fox 4 in 2003, I worked at TV stations in Montgomery, Panama City, West Palm Beach and Houston. Along the way, I've had some awesome assignments: reporting from Cuba, Germany, Mexico and Italy. These days, I track the latest research and treatments affecting your health in my nightly 4 In Your Corner Medical Reports. 

In my spare time, I do a few laps at Golfview Pool or Fort Myers Aquatic Center (My mom was a P.E. teacher who thought swimming was a good sport for me since it required me to stop talking.)  I'm also lucky to be able to enjoy a lot of the other things beautiful Southwest Florida has to offer -- tennis, kayaking, hiking through native vegetation, biking, vegan food and yoga (including Bikram yoga, which is done in a room that's 105 degrees.  So there you go, all those years without air conditioning did prepare me for something!

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